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                  Self-Driving Safety Report

                  NVIDIA taps into the unprecedented computing power of GPUs to create functionally safe self-driving systems.


                  Premier AI Conference

                  Check out deep learning training, insights, and talks on autonomous transportation at GTC.

                  Mercedes-Benz Partnership

                  See how NVIDIA is partnering with industry leaders to develop a new AI architecture for autonomous vehicles.


                  Autonomy will fundamentally improve the way the world moves. With the power of AI, personal vehicles, shared mobility, and delivery services will become safer and more efficient. Our mission is to develop innovative solutions that enable the industry to deliver these benefits sooner.

                  Improve Road Safety

                  Traffic crashes cause between 20 to 50 million injuries around the world each year, costing as much as  $518 billion in damages.

                  Provide Freedom of Mobility

                  More than 500 million hearing- or vision-impaired people  and a growing aging population worldwide must rely on others to travel every day.

                  Give Back Valuable Time

                  Commuters spend 200 hours behind the wheel each year—time that could be used to work, play, or spend time with family.

                  Grow New

                  Last-mile delivery, a key sector for autonomous machines, is expected to become a $65 billion global industry and projected to keep growing as e-commerce expands.


                  We’re working with a wide range of partners to make autonomous vehicles a reality. Meet our ecosystem and learn more about how we’re moving the world forward together.


                  Nvidia Industry Automotive Date Collection

                  Data Collection

                  The NVIDIA DRIVE? platform can simultaneously process data from up to 16 sensors, constantly collecting vital data for building a robust autonomous driving training library. Safe self-driving cars require massive amounts of collected and organized data, spanning a wide variety of traffic scenarios and conditions. Startup Perceptive Automata is using human behavior data with NVIDIA DRIVE to predict pedestrian movements.

                  Nvidia Industry Automotive Training

                  Model Training

                  NVIDIA? DGX? data center systems offer the fastest path to safe AI implementation, seamlessly training deep learning models for autonomous driving on vast amounts of data. Self-driving software supplier Zenuity is using DGX to scale its AI training infrastructure.

                  Nvidia Industry Automotive Simulation


                  NVIDIA DRIVE Constellation? enables critical simulation for the training and validation of self-driving vehicles, with open, scalable hardware-in-the-loop testing. Companies around the world are working with DRIVE Constellation to develop rich and diverse datasets for robust simulation testing.

                  Nvidia Industry Automotive Driving


                  With NVIDIA DRIVE AGX, autonomous vehicles process data and make decisions with superhuman levels of perception and performance, enabling smarter, safer driving. DRIVE AGX is the industry’s first automotive-grade self-driving solution ready for production.

                  Nvidia Industry Last Mile Delivery

                  Last-Mile Delivery

                  Autonomous vehicles built on the NVIDIA Jetson? platform are already automating last-mile delivery of food and other goods worldwide. E-commerce giants JD.com and Meituan recently adopted NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier? for their next-gen delivery robots.

                  Ready to Move Forward?

                  Find out how you can apply the latest GPU-accelerated technologies to your transportation solutions.